Review Management Platform

Our review management program gives you the option of selecting a strategy that best suits your company's objectives. Our reputation management professionals will assist you in managing and responding to customer reviews so that you can attract more consumers and keep them coming back. Have you considered implementing a review management programme? It's possible that your online reputation is harmed. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of customer evaluations.


WHY The Mover and SHAKER?

It’s a centralized platform that provides most of the features for your Customer Experience and Sales

Our Features

  • Keep all customer's contact details and interactions at one place.
  • Manage all types of customer feedback in order to boost the customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor your brand on the whole web from one platform to do social listening.
  • Label each interaction of your consumers in your own way.
  • Analyze competitor's strength and weakness.
  • Generate Top Notch Reports in Standard Pdf Formats.
  • Raise and assign tickets to Employees of your organization.
  • Run review request campaigns and promotional campaigns to your own personalized target audience